List of 32 Standard Classic Dances that are very widely done, danced to various tracks and used for split floors.

Black Coffee
Blue Rose Is
California Freeze
Country 2 Step
Country Walkin’
County Line Cha
Cowboy Rhythm
Cowboy Strut
Cowboy Charleston
Easy Come Easy Go
Electric Slide
Flyin’ Sparx
Grundy Gallop
Haunted Heart
Heartbreak Express
J’ai Du Boogie
Lamtarra Rhumba
Midnight Waltz
Por Ti Sere
Ribbon of Highway
Rita’s Waltz
Rock Around The Clock
Smokey Places
Strollalong Cha Cha
T-Bone Shuffle
The Freeze
Tush Push
Vertical Expression
Walking The Line
Waltz Across Texas
Wishful Thinking