Other Line Dance Sub Genres

Line Dancing started as one simple way of dancing with a few steps to one music genre which was Country music, but has now developed and grown bigger with other sub-genres. Other Line Dance sub-genres include;

  • NEWLINE – tends to be to the very latest pop music with far more difficult, complicated dances and FUNKY FUNKY !
  • MAINSTREAM – includes an absolutely GIGANTIC number of dances including every line dance from every genre and what’s more it’s constantly adding new chart and pop dances. Far too many dances for most people – about 30,000 dances, wow!
  • 100% COUNTRY – This is line dancing to only 100% pure country music, everything from the classics to the more recent ones.

Why it’s Important to label Sub-genres?
Labeling Sub-genres is important as it helps people to know if a class, or event is any good for them. So make sure you ask exactly what it is.